Welcome at our practice

All our colleagues are trained in child-friendly communication and will be pleased to deal with whatever questions you or your child may have.
A comforting welcome for small and not-so-small children!
No need to be bored in our waiting room!
The emphasis in our practice is on a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere, contributing to stress-free treatment for children and their parents.
Your child's confidence can be gained with patience and empathy.
Small children can be treated on the dentist´s chair together with their mother or father.
Fun is definitely allowed-and is important to motivate your child to participate in the treatment!
The "magic wand" makes every treatment an experience! Adventure is guaranteed when the tooth fairy chases away the caries goblin, and the little patient take off into a dream world!
We use digital X-ray - 80 % less radiation compared with conventional X-ray.